First things first, what is a marketing mix? This term stands for a combination of factors which a company can control and use to influence potential customers into buying their products and patronizing their business. The following factors discussed below, are some vital ingredients for the achievement of a successful marketing mix.


Digital marketing doesn’t allow a chance for face to face conversation. In order to make sure the absence of this isn’t felt in any way, it is important to make available, a wonderful user experience. The smartphone boom has affected the way online dealings are carried out. That being the case, it is important for eCommerce sites to make the site amenable with smartphones in order for their users to be lured into becoming consumers of your product, after viewing your site. Your entire strategy will fall through laughably if the user experience is lacking in any way.


Good content goes beyond putting a lot of keywords. For your content to be considered ‘good’, it has to be understandable to a potential customer. Good content sells the business and also the products and expertise involved. Whoever creates your content write-up has to make it have a conversational tone. It should anticipate some questions the user might have, and answer them if possible. Also, long-tail keywords should be given emphasis.


Search engine optimization (SEO), as well as search engine marketing, should be taken very seriously as they both help people find your business without having to search too hard or too long. Find out the ways you can make your site searchable. Make sure your site is tuned to the algorithm requirements of the various search engines.


Online presence on social media is indispensable. With more and more people joining social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the importance of these media as a marketing platform cannot be overemphasized.

India was recently declared as the biggest market for Facebook after recording over 241,000,000 active users, more than America. You could go ahead and advertise in a newspaper and end up reaching say, 500 to 1000 people. But one single post on any of the populated social media platforms can draw your business to the attention of millions of people, just like that.


PR and publicity were basically the only methods of brand marketing before the advent of social media platforms. Even with social media around, PR and publicity are still indispensable and will likely still be around for a very long time.

Small businesses have a lot to benefit from PR when it comes to building awareness of the brand. When it comes to marketing, one thing remains constant, there is always going to be a chance for you to tell a much better brand story than any previous one, to a much bigger audience as well.